Sam Hastings is a Connecticut-bred-turned-Mainer singer and songwriter living in Portland. His soulful tunes often paint colorful pictures of those struggling with lost love, addiction, and mental anguish and poignantly capture their desire to be better people. Seriously strong vocals complement his adept guitar playing, leaving audiences eager to listen and hear more.

His love affair with music began at a young age, listening to Pearl Jam from the backseat of his Dad’s truck.  

From the age of eight he started playing the bass guitar and by the time he hit high school, he was playing gigs with a punk band throughout Connecticut and New York. He discovered songwriting during a boring history class at Ridgefield High School and immediately came home and put it to music.   

Sam joined the band, “Northeast,” during his time at Keene State College as lead vocalist and guitarist – headlining for their album Jericho. During this time, he also responded to an ad for season 15 of NBC’s the Voice, sailing through a half-dozen auditions, and eventually making on the show, albeit, short lived. The experience successfully solidified his resolve to follow his passion for singing and songwriting.  

Sam can be found at various clubs throughout Portland Maine, as well as Boston, Connecticut, and New York. He continues to write songs and record at Acadia Recording Company in Portland.